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A revolutionary approach to food education

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3A           Ms. Downes and Ms.Teng

3B           Ms. Easterbrook

3C           Mr.  Monea

Year 4

4A           Mr. Abell

4B           Ms. Skantzos








Children learn best through doing, through positive examples, through trial and error. We need to capture their interest, curiosity and energy as well as their appetites! The garden and kitchen provide a real-life context for learning, which interweaves the theories and practices behind growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh, seasonal foods.


As participants in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, students discover the pleasures of hands-on food education, through regular classes in a productive vegetable garden and a home-style kitchen classroom.


Students learn to build and maintain a garden according to organic principles, and to grow and harvest a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. An abundant vegetable garden is created within the school grounds to provide edible, aromatic and beautiful resources for the school kitchen. The creation and care of the garden teaches students about the natural world, its wonders and beauty and how to cultivate and care for it.

In the kitchen, students prepare a range of delicious dishes from the seasonal produce they’ve grown. The finished meal is arranged with pride and care on tables set with flowers from the garden. The shared meal is a time for students, specialists, teachers and volunteers to enjoy the fruits of their labour, and each other’s company and conversation.


The program heavily relies on the generosity of volunteers from the community to run successfully. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the school to find out how you can help. Everyone is welcome!


Please note that ALL school volunteers are required to have a Working with Children card and sign our Child Safe Code of Conduct.


Read more about the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program on their website here.


Watch Stephanie Alexander talk about the philosophy of this innovative program in the video below.