Principal's Welcome

A very warm welcome to Wattle Park Primary School! 


We'd like to introduce you to our school, and invite you to become a part of our community.


Wattle Park Primary School is located in the Eastern suburbs on the border of Whitehorse and Boroondara Councils. Students are mainly from our local area, with a growing percentage of overseas students.

Our teaching staff comprises of eighteen classroom teachers and seven specialist teachers in the areas of; Chinese, Library, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Reading Intervention, Visual Art and English as an additional language. The leadership team is comprised of the school Principal, Mr. Steven Donohue, Assistant principal, Mr. Richard Abell and team leaders from our teaching staff.


Students from Foundation (Preparatory) to Year 6 have 4 X 50min weekly specialist sessions in all areas, except reading intervention and English as an additional language. These two programs are provided for individual students with particular needs. Four teacher learning assistants are employed to provide extra assistance for students who need extra support with their learning.

Part-time Horticultural and Gastronomic specialists conduct gardening and cooking lessons for the Year 3 and 4 ‘Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden’ program, with valued support from our many valued volunteers.

All classes are formulated on one year level. We have no composite classes.


Our Performance

Wattle Park’s School Performance Report for 2022 indicates that student performance in English and Mathematics in NAPLAN was well above the median for all Victorian Government Schools. We also out perform all like schools in almost all other academic areas.


More information about this can be found in our Annual Report to the School Community HERE.


Teacher judgements according to the Victorian Curriculum of student performance in English, Mathematics and Science is also above the median of all Victorian Government Schools.

Wattle Park Primary School completed a comprehensive school review and our strategic plan is based upon the four priorities of the Education State’s ‘Framework for Improving Student Outcomes’-

1. Excellence in Teaching and Learning
2. Professional Leadership
3. Creating a Positive Climate for learning and
4. Community Engagement in Learning

The school is extremely proud of its teaching and learning programs where each individual student has their own learning goals each semester based upon Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and or Humanities and social and personal capabilities.

Our performance in the on-line Language Perfect competition in 2022 resulted in the school being placed second in Victoria for Mandarin and 21st in Australia overall. What is most impressive is that out of the top twelve awards eleven were achieved by non-Chinese first language speakers!

Over the past four years the school has focussed on improving the teaching of Science of all teachers across the school. The school was awarded a National Australia Bank ‘seed award’ of $15,000.00 and a $12,000.00 ‘Towards Victoria Learning Community’ award to enhance the teaching of Science within and beyond to neighbouring schools.

Technology (ICT)


All students from Foundation (Preparatory) to Year 6 are introduced to coding via Beebots, Pro-Bot cars, Lego Robotics and iPad apps during weekly Science lessons.

Digital resources throughout the school include SMART televisions, interactive whiteboards, notebook computers and iPads. While the school does not have a 1:1 networked digital device program, digital technologies are used for clear learning purposes, coupled with effective pedagogy for teaching and learning programs throughout the school.


The Arts

The Arts are a prominent part of our curriculum. Our Visual Arts program and Performing Arts program are led by passionate and talented teachers. Each year the school holds its much-loved school production in Term 3 to showcase our students' talents in the performing arts, and as a wonderful way to celebrate our school spirit for all students from Foundation to Year 6. 


Our grounds


The school’s grounds are quite spectacular for an inner suburban school. Our students are fortunate to have a variety of spaces to run, play ball games, explore, create, rest and relax, which we believe is vital for student wellbeing.


Our extensive grounds include a grass oval, native bush area, vast vegetable patches and orchard, a natural grass amphitheatre and two asphalt basketball courts including four square and down ball areas.

Over the years, art installations including a super adobe house, an Australian animal bush log, a stainless steel sculpture and a mosaic commemorative trail honouring the First World War veterans have enhanced the overall appearance of our grounds. 


Community Involvement

The Wattle Park school community is actively involved in school programs. Parents, grandparents, neighbours and Deakin University students participate in classroom learning and teaching programs, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and garden classes, working bees, canteen and fundraising initiatives. It is a requirement that classroom volunteers have a ‘Working With Children’s Check' and sign our school Child Safe Code of Conduct.



You are most welcome to arrange an appointment to visit the school during school times. The Year 6 school ambassadors along with me will escort your through the school and answer any questions you may have about school programs, the culture of the school, school policies and student health and well-being.


Go HERE to see if you are eligible to enrol.


Go HERE to book a tour.

Wattle Park Primary School is a warm, friendly and welcoming learning community where we value your point of difference as a strength.


We’d love you to experience the wonder of being part of an exceptional school.

Kind regards,

Steve Donohue