At Wattle Park we have a variety of programs centred around Reading, Writing, Spelling and Inquiry. We aim to foster imaginative writing, and to support students in their critical thinking.




Reading helps children to foster a creative imagination, make sense of those around them and their environment, and to build social and emotional skills. Our reading program includes teacher-led reading, shared reading and quiet reading, and provides students the chance to practice their reading strategies. Students are encouraged to read books that interest them, and they can read, to build confidence. We have a variety of books in each classroom students can choose from during daily activities.




From Foundation, we support students' literacy skills by encouraging them to share in the enjoyment of a variety of writing pieces, including narratives and information reports. Wattle Park Primary's writing program allows students to understand how to draft, review and publish their writing in a way that allows them to develop a love of crafting a story, sharing information, or persuasive writing. 




Our spelling program allows repeated opportunities for students to learn spelling in order to support their writing. We want our students to have a positive approach to spelling and to take risks. We encourage students to look at the relationship between letters and sounds and use the 'look, say, cover, write, check' spelling strategy to reinforce learning. Teachers demonstrate how to spell words, and students use their knowledge and strategies to problem solve words they may not be familiar with.




We have an inquiry-based program that fosters curiosity and encourages students to explore a variety of topics from Foundation to Year 6. These include various eras (including when the dinosaurs roamed!), history and geography. Students are encouraged to research and use experimentation to explore ideas and solutions, and explain how they come to conclusions.