Student Voice

Year 6 Solar Buddy Project


As part of our learning about energy and electricity this term, the Year 6 students have been involved in the Solar Buddy Program. SolarBuddy is an Australian charity joining a global community to illuminate the features of all children. 


We decided to fundraise the money to fund the costs of building solar lights to send overseas to help children living without electricity. Therefore, on Thursday the 2nd of November the Year 6 students and teachers ran a whole school sausage sizzle. In the end we raised a total of $800 and we sold over 300 sausages! 


A couple of weeks later, we had our Solar Buddy Day. The students worked in pairs and small groups to build the lights as well as write letters to those children who will be receiving them.


The lights will be sent to either Ghana in Africa or Papua New Guinea.


The students enjoyed the combination of learning while also making a difference!




Year 3/4 Sports Gala Day

By Raff, Millie, Herald & Olivia


On Wednesday, 8th March, all of Year 3 & 4 had a Sports Gala Day. The sports we played were Newcombe, Hot Shot Tennis and Rounders. We played against other schools. We found it challenging at times but also really fun and enjoyable. We saw great sportsmanship and persistence from all the WPPS students. Two special mentions. The Rounders team and WPPS Red Newcombe team who were undefeated and premiers of their sports. Lastly, we would like to thank the volunteers and teachers who helped make this day possible. 




Clean Up Australia Day

By Charne, Edwin & Callum


Hello Everyone,

We are the Environment Leaders Callum, Charnè, and Edwin. Last Friday 3rd March we ran Clean Up Australia Day! After snack play at 2:40pm all of the school students got split up into their school houses (Lomandra, Acacia, Waratah and Blue Gum) to pick up rubbish in their set area. Each house was given a bin to put all of the rubbish they found in. The house with the most rubbish in their bins by the end won a prize of 50 house points. Every student helped pick up all of the rubbish around the school and now the school has never been cleaner.

We decided that having this clean up day would help the school in numerous ways such as cleaning the school, making a safer environment for our animals, encouraging responsible behaviour from the students, and it has a sense of friendly competition between houses.

After clean up day the school became 10 x cleaner because of all the students' hard work and it has also helped the Australian community.