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At Wattle Park PS we have an extensive Year 6 Leadership Program, with a range of leadership roles and opportunities.


Please read the following articles written by our talented Communication Leaders.




Mrs Kelly visited our year ones to teach them about minibeasts. She brought with her a collection of snakes, worms, a seahorse, a butterfly, a turtle shell, shark fins, a frog and a fly. Although amazing the class thought the best part was holding a snake.

By Chloe, Communication Leader


On the 25th of July, the WPPS Mixed Netball team went to Sportlink to face off against other schools in the Netball Division finals. We were 1 player down which was tough. Sadly we lost our games but all in all we played extremely well as a team.

By Liv, Communication Leader



This term year 5’s and 6’s wrote a speech for the 2016 Rotary Club School Speech Competition. First we all had to choose from a range of topics, then we had to create a speech on those topics. We all had to work especially hard. Once it was Friday, we all performed in front of our classes, then our teachers chose the best 3 from each class. After another round of performances, 2 people were chosen to represent the school. The Rotary Club competition was hosted here at Wattle Park PS, in front of a crowd of people and judges. Our two excellent representatives were…Rowen from year 5 and Lu from year 6.

At the competition there were amazing speakers from a range of different schools in the area. We heard 12 inspiring speeches. Then the judges made their decision and everyone enjoyed a cup of tea and supper.

But the big question is who won the Rotary Club School Speech Competition?  

Congratulations Rowan on achieving second place in the competition!

By Kyle, Communication Leader



On the 29th of July, Coach Approach came to visit our school, as they do every year. We learnt lots, and had plenty of fun.

There were eight events including, high jump, shot put, discus, triple jump, long jump, hurdles, sprint relays, regular relays.

We all participated in some great activities, worked on our technique and skills, improved entirely on all the events, and last but not least, we all had masses of fun.

It was a great day for everyone and we all had a great time.

By Tashi, Communication Leader


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