Specialists Subjects

We offer specialist programs and supporting services from Foundation to Year 6 across a number of areas.


LOTE (Language Other than English)


We offer Mandarin as our LOTE program, with progressive learning from Foundation to Year 6. Students are involved in a variety of experiences and days to enhance language and cultural understanding. ‚Äč


Physical Education (PE)


Our PE program encourages all children to 'have a go'. Commencing at Foundation, we focus on developing motor skills and group games to learn spatial awareness and team skills. Progressively students learn sports skills through additional matches. We support our students with intra and inter-school competitions including swimming, cross-country, athletics, netball and tennis as well as bike education days.


Visual Arts


Students are invited to explore new ideas in a weekly art class with an experienced art teacher (who is also a celebrated artist!) They are introduced to a variety of art and crafts using different media in a fun and engaging environment, where they are free to experiment and be creative. 


Performing Arts


Our program is designed to instil confidence around performance, and includes games and activities around rhythms, sound recognition, dance and drama. We also have a junior and senior choir and an annual school production with all year levels.


Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program


Our Year 3 and 4 students are involved in a twice-weekly kitchen garden program to support food education. This includes a gardening session, where students participate in hands-on learning about a variety of garden techniques, and how to grow fruits, vegetables and flowering plants. The second part of the program is based in the kitchen where students learn kitchen techniques including measuring, and knife skills, and enjoy the meal they make!


Library Program


Wattle Park has our own well-stocked library, and a weekly library program for all year levels. Our librarian supports children with borrowing books that may be of interest to foster and support a love of reading.


EAL (English as a Second Language)


We are fortunate to have a diverse multicultural community at Wattle Park. We recognise that some students may be learning a new language as well as our curriculum. To support their learning, we offer an EAL program that supports children with learning the English language particularly as it relates to our curriculum.


Reading Intervention


We support children who may experience difficulties with reading. Through weekly sessions with our specialist Reading Intervention teacher, we support children with decoding words using a structured phonics-based program.