Parents & Friends Association

UPDATE - Movie Night 20th March 2020

We regretfully advise that our movie night this Friday 20th March has been postponed. The PFA will be in touch with everyone who has pre-paid tickets and ordered sushi over the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience, and your support, and hopefully we can look forward to this event later this year.


A very warm welcome to everyone for a new school year, particularly to the new families joining us for the first time in 2020.


The PFA is a group of (predominantly) parents of children at Wattle Park Primary School. It is one of the many ways to get involved in the school community, and to get to know new parents. 

Events held throughout the year include our annual Movie Night (which is always a big hit in March!), our Burwood cake stall, Disco, Fete, Carols night fundraisers and a number of other events. 

We have a great committee and meetings are held monthly at the school. If you can come along, we'd love to see you, otherwise there are ways to be involved which may include cooking a barbecue, selling tickets, setting up or packing away, or just generally being one of the many helpers!

If you would like to be involved, please contact me, or speak to any of the team at the office. We look forward to meeting you!




Anthony Hall                                                                 



P: 0409 806 478 E:

PFA Meeting Dates


Wed 11th, 7.30pm – WPPS Staff room


Wed 15th, 7.30pm – WPPS Staff room


Wed 13th, 7.30pm – WPPS Staff room


Wed 10th, 7.30pm – WPPS Staff room


Wed 15th, 7.30pm – WPPS Staff room


Wed 12th, 7.30pm – WPPS Staff room


Wed 9th, 7.30pm – WPPS Staff room


Wed 7th, 7.30pm – WPPS Staff room


Wed 4th, 7.30pm – WPPS Staff room


Wed 2nd, 7.30pm – WPPS Staff room