Our Strategic Plan and AIP

Strategic Plan

Every four years, schools participate in a review process. During this review, all members of the school community are given an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the school as well as set the direction for the future.


Wattle Park Primary School conducted their last review in 2021, in consultation with parents, teachers and students through meetings, focus groups, surveys and using formal data collection methods provided by the DET.


From the findings of the review, the School Strategic Plan 2020-2024 was developed and passed by the School Council. It is this document that guides the direction and improvement at the school for the next four years.


Teachers work in teams to lead school initiatives and complete the actions within the plan. The teams include: 

  • Student Learning Team
  • Engagement and Wellbeing Team
  • Pathways and Transitions Team

Please click HERE to read the School Strategic Plan 2020 - 2024.


Annual Implementation Plan


The annual implementation plan describes how the key improvement strategies in the school strategic plan, and other significant projects, will be put into operation during the year and how they will be monitored. It assists schools to:

  • plan and communicate their work for the coming year and how this will lead to achieving their identified goals and targets
  • ensure efficient and effective allocation of resources to complete the work
  • monitor progress and success.

Wattle Park Primary School works with our existing School Strategic Plan to develop an Annual Implementation Plan for the school year. The Annual Implementation Plan is a school-based planning document that informs the development of principal class and staff performance and development plans.


Please click HERE to read Wattle Park Primary School's 2023 AIP.