Our Values

Wattle Park Primary School is a learning community. We achieve this through a focus on the following 'norms' or 'ways of treating each other'.

Our values are Respect, Encourage, Value, Care, Challenge and Responsibility.

School Expectations

  • We don’t allow bullying or discrimination.
  • We stay in our school grounds during school hours and only leave with a teacher’s permission.
  • We use the paths and keep off the garden areas.
  • We keep away from parked cars.
  • We stay outside buildings at recess and lunch times and only enter when we have a teacher’s permission.
  • We use the designated entry and exit doors.
  • Play safely on our playground equipment.
  • We make sure that sticks, stones and other hard objects are not thrown.
  • We keep out of trees (except the Twisty Tree and only to the height marked).
  • When eating food outside we make sure we’re sitting down.
  • If we’re late to school we must be signed in at the office by our parent/guardian. Our parent/guardian must sign the late book and fill out a late pass which needs to be taken to my classroom teacher.
  • We go to the toilet in pairs.
  • We play in a safe way at all times.
  • If we’re not collected after school by 3:45 we go to the school office.
  • We can enter our rooms at 8.50 when the music sounds.
  • We come to school after 8.45 a.m. (but before 9.00 a.m.) unless we’re in O.H.S.C.
  • We leave dangerous or expensive items at home.
  • We make sure we take all our rubbish home.
  • We make sure that swearing doesn’t occur at school.
  • We ask a teacher’s permission if we need to get a ball out of reach.
  • We leave chewing gum at home.

For more information, download our School Code of Conduct booklet.