First Aid Room

First Aid


From time to time Wattle Park Primary School staff might need to administer first aid to students at school or school
activities. Parents/carers must be aware that the goal of first aid is not to diagnose or treat a condition.


To ensure the school community understands our school’s approach to first aid for students, please view our WPPS First Aid Policy.


Head Injuries


If concussion is suspected:

  • the school must contact the parent or carer and ask the parent or carer to collect the student from school and recommend a medical assessment, even if the symptoms resolves

If concussion is not suspected:

  • the parent or carer should be contacted and informed of the injury and told that a concussion is not suspected based on use of the Concussion Recognition Tool 5  
  • the parent or carer may wish to collect the student from school. 
  • For further information please see the Head Injury - Dept of Ed & Training and the Royal Children's Hospital site



If a student requires medication, Wattle Park Primary School encourages parents to arrange for the medication to be
taken outside of school hours. However, Wattle Park Primary School understands that students may need to take
medication at school or school activities. To support students to do so safely, Wattle Park Primary School will follow
the procedures set out in the WPPS Administration of Medication Policy.


All other information regarding WPPS approach to Health and Wellbeing can be found in our School Policies tab




We operate a first aid room at Wattle Park Primary school. In order to keep our First Aid Room clean and tidy, we require parent volunteers to assist us each Friday. We'd love 40 families to help - so you only have to help once a year!

For only around 15 minutes we appreciate you checking the area, changing the sheets, and returned washed sheets the following Monday. 


How to assist

  • Click on the link below, choose the date you can assist, and sign up.
  • You will not require an account or to keep a password. 
  • If you would prefer not to use your email address, please email the school and your details can be entered manually to include you on the roster. 
  • To assist with tidying the First Aid room please sign up here: