Lockdown 6.0 - Students onsite

The Department of Education and Training has issued the following direction to be implemented from Monday 23.8 for all State Schools. 

It is recommended that students onsite in primary schools wear masks. It is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Authorised Worker Permits are being enforced to restrict movement across the state as much as possible. For students attending onsite this means:

Mon 23.8Original bookings for students onsite remain valid
Tue 24.8Original bookings for students onsite remain valid
Wed 25.8

Essential Service Workers must provide a copy of their Authorised Worker Permit if they are applying for their children to attend onsite. They must provide the:
Attendance Form and 
Authorised Worker Permits for both parents

by 9am Tues 24.8 for Wed 25.8 Thurs 26.8 and Fri 27.8. 

Fri 27.8

For the following weeks both the Attendance Form and both parents’ Authorised Worker Permits must be submitted to Gayle Cope gayle.cope@education.vic.gov.au by Fri 5pm for the following week. 

Requests for vulnerable students are at the discretion of the Principal. Attendance forms must be submitted by 5pm on the Friday of the week prior and approved by the Principal for these students to attend onsite.

The Department of Education and training has made available a wide range of advice and services you may find useful. You can find this at COVID-19 Advice for parents, carers and guardians.

Stay safe, well and be kind.