At Wattle Park Primary School we cater for children from Foundation (prep) to Year 6.


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Years 1/2
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Year 3/4

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Year 5/6

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Specialists Information 2019



For more information about our homework program, please click here.


We offer specialist programs in the following areas:

  • LOTE - Mandarin
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Art
  • Physical Education
  • Library


At the beginning of each year in all year levels, we implement the Start Up Program which aims to:


  • Allocate significant time to get to know our new group of students and allowing them time to get to know their teacher as a significant adult in their lives and each other.
  • Allow our students to identify the unique qualities they have, that make them special.
  • Recognise that each student and adult brings something to the group and that each should be valued as an individual.
  • Develop clear understandings about the ‘Ways We Want to be Treated’ from both an adult and student’s perspective.
  • Assist students and staff to make the transition between levels within the school.
  • Support staff new to our school or a level in developing an understanding about what we value as a school.
  • Introduce skills and tools to students using information that is known to them, so they can use the same strategies later with challenging new information and learning.


We take great care to promote positive transitions and pathways throughout the school. A range of strategies including our school Start Up Program is complemented by our:


  • Kinder to Foundation Transition Program
  • Year 6 to Secondary Transition Program


Other special programs we run throughout the school include:


  • Interschool Sport
  • Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country competitions
  • Swimming program
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program
  • Prep Buddy Program
  • School Concert, Carols Night and Music Soiree
  • Scarecrow – Promoting sustainable practices
  • Year 6 Leadership program
  • Excursion and camping program
  • Bike Ed
  • Junior and Senior Choir
  • Boite Choir Performance


We also offer a variety of extra-curricular programs (costs vary) in and out of school hours which may include:


  • Instrumental lessons
  • School band
  • Piano/keyboard
  • Drama Time


Keep an eye our for flyers and advertisments in our Newsletter and Noticeboard for more information on extra curricular programs currently on offer. Please note that these programs are user pay. Please do not make cheques out to Wattle Park Primary School for these programs.