School Policies

Our school aims to develop parent awareness of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and our school’s education policies and policy-making processes. For further information on the following school-council approved policies please contact the Principal or Assistant Principal:


Student Medical

'Parent Permission to Administer Medication' form is HERE

Minimum period of exclusion from Primary School for infectious diseases HERE

Administration of Medication


Allergies - Dept of Ed & Training


     Anaphylaxis FAQ

COVID-19 - Dept of Ed & Training


Epilepsy and Seizures - Dept of Ed & Training

     Sample Epilepsy Management Plan - EMP

First Aid

Head Injury - Dept of Ed & Training

     Further information see the Royal Children's Hospital site

Headlice/Pediculosis - Dept of Ed & Training

Health Care Needs

Infectious Diseases School Exclusion Table - Dept of Ed and Training


Student Safety

Bullying Prevention

Camps and Excursions

Duty of Care

Inclusion and Diversity

LGBTIQ Student Support - Dept of Ed and Training

Mobile Phone

     Mobile Phone Policy - Dept Ed & Training

Photographing, Filming and Recording

Respectful Behaviours within the School Community Policy - Dept of Ed & Training

School Community Safety Orders - Dept of Ed and Training

Sexuality and Consent Education - Dept of Ed & Training

Statement of School Values and Philosophy

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy

Student Integration

Tresspass on school property - Dept of Ed and Training

Yard Duty and Supervision


Child Safe

WPPS Child Safe Policy

WPPS Child Safety Code of Conduct

WPPS Child Safe Incident Report Form

WPPS Child Safety Risk Register 

WPPS Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures

WPPS Action Plan: Aboriginal Learning, Wellbeing and Safety 

Further information regarding Child Safe at WPPS can be found HERE


School Operations and Administration


Class Formation


Dogs at School

Dress Code


Enrolment - Dept Ed & Training

Equal Opportunity - Employees - Dept Ed & Training

Find My School - Dept Ed & Training

Fraud & Corruption Control - Dept Ed & Training

Privacy and information Sharing

     Privacy and Information Sharing - Dept Ed & Training 

     Schools' Privacy - Dept Ed & Training

     Schools' Privacy: Information for Parents - Dept Ed & Training

     Schools' Privacy Collection Notice - Dept Ed & Training

Student's Personal Property

Visitors to WPPS


     Members of Parliament and Candidates visiting schools - Dept Ed & Training




Assessment & Reporting Policy

Digital Learning Policy

Homework Policy

Teaching and Learning Materials - G and PG rating – No parental consent is required.


Parent Payments

2024 DET Parent Payments Policy inc. School Council letter and approved parent contributions