Parents & Carers

Our parents and carers are a vital part of life at Wattle Park. There is a very strong link right across every aspect of schooling - from assisting in the classrooms, being involved as a member of School Council, the Education Committee, Buildings and Grounds, the Finance Committee, Parents & Friends Association, attending working bees or helping children at home.


We value parent involvement and invite new community members to assist across a variety of activities.


How can I find out where to help?


There are many opportunities which are advertised regularly in the school newsletter. Copies of our newsletter are kept on our website. Our teachers also send out emails from time to time inviting support for incursions and excursions.


Parents are most welcome to come and share assembly with us. It is organised and run each week by our Year 6 leaders on Monday afternoons from 3.00-3.30pm.



Parent/Carer Helper Induction Sessions


For Foundation parents/guardians and others new to the school, the parent helper induction program is run in term 1 of each new school year, giving strategies and skills to assist children at school and at home in the areas of reading, writing and numeracy.  


We demonstrate different ways we will have you assist in the classroom, so you feel comfortable prior to commencing your sessions. Assisting in the classroom is voluntary, however if you are able to give your time it is something we know both you and your child will enjoy.


See below for a sample of slides from our parent helpers program.



  Parent helper slide 3



 Please contact our Assistant Principal for more details about our Parent Helper Program.