WPPS Newsletter 19th March



Principal's Report - 19th March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

We’ve had our most successful survey with parents yet with 115 responses regarding our canteen services.

Thank you to each and every one of you who responded. The results will be presented to School Council at our next meeting on Tuesday night but a summary of the outcomes is that people overwhelmingly value a school canteen service for Mondays and Fridays. Over the counter service is preferable but the community are certainly not opposed to an outside provider. Fresh, healthy options are preferred and people like the idea of students having the opportunity to purchase at the canteen using real money. 

A decision with regards to canteen services will certainly be discussed at the next School Council meeting and hopefully a decision made in time for the beginning of term 2.

Last Friday after school it was just a delight to welcome our new Foundation students and their families to our ‘Welcome Barbecue’. The weather was fine and people enjoyed the opportunity to mingle together surrounding the garden and top playground equipment. Oh how Melbournians have missed those informal social occasions!

The students had a great time having the whole playground and bushes to themselves exploring the schoolyard spaces.

A special thank you to staff members Ms Emma Tan and Ms Robyn Heeps who stay to meet and greet with the students and their parents. The PFA led by Anthony Hall cooked 12 dozen sausages and not one was left over by the end of the night!

Thursday this week the school celebrated Harmony Day. I’d like to think that every day is Harmony Day at Wattle Park Primary! Many students embraced the theme by wearing a touch of orange and eating a wedge of an orange. Harmony Day is a most significant day on our calendar as we can certainly celebrate the multicultural community we have here. The overall message of Harmony Day promotes social cohesion and racial harmony, and it is expressed through community participation, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respect and belonging.

As parents you are to be congratulated on the values that you instil in your children regarding the above qualities. Every year our parent and student survey data overwhelmingly illustrates the sense of belonging they feel as members of our community.

The busyness of school has returned with class photos today and scheduled parent teacher meetings next Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure that you have booked in for a parent meeting with your child’s class teacher. If you have lost or forgotten your Compass code please don’t hesitate to ring the office for assistance.

Our Year 1 and 2 students have recently participated in off-site excursions to Rickett’s Point and the Melbourne Aquarium respectively. The excitement in the air was palpable for both events and is a reminder of how important it is to appreciate the small things in our lives.

This morning assistant principal, Mr Steve Donohue and I have just this minute had a meeting with our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardener, Penny Hayes. Penny has decided to move on from the position of gardener. Penny’s last week will be the last week of term one. I know that Penny has developed friendships with many of our community members over the five years she has been here. Penny will certainly be missed. If you see her in the garden I’m sure she would appreciate a conversation.

Enjoy the glorious autumn weather on the weekend- next week, one word, rain!


Warm Regards


A Big Thank you to Wattle Park Cakes

Olive Pickers Needed on Thursday, 25th March

Olive pickers needed on Thursday, 25th March. Carolina, our Kitchen and Garden progame specialist, would like to use them in the kitchen garden next term, experience would be preferable but not essential!

Hot Cross Buns Fundraiser

Hot cross buns will be delivered on Wed 31st March. We will update with more information about how to collect. 

Easter Eggtacular Fundraiser!

Thank you to all for your enthusiastic participation.

 Prize will be drawn at assembly on Monday 29th March.  

WPPS Notices 19/3/2021

Please see the latest Notices!

School Contributions
Please note that the second instalments are now due.


You should have received an email regarding Student Enrolment Information for your child/ren.  If you did not receive an email, please contact the office to confirm your correct email information.

It is most important we have your latest contact information, so please read through the document carefully for any alterations needed. Please return the form with changes to the office.

Thank you.

Scholastic Book Club

Please note that there will be no Issue 2 for this term. 
Issue 3 will be avaliable in Term 2.

Late Students

Please be aware that all late students must report to the office BEFORE going to class, where their attendance will be marked accordingly.

Thank you.

SECOND Hand Uniform Shop

Monday, 22nd March 3:30-4pm.

Volunteers URGENTLY Needed for the First Aid Room

Much appriciated if any one can help clean the sheets in First Aid Room. Your help can make the First Aid room a more safer and cleaner enviroment.  Please find the link below for signing up for the First Aid Room duty.


Attention all Volunteers
Thank you to the many volunteers at WPPS. If you are voluntering in any capacity at the School, please note that the Child Safe Code of Conduct Form must be filled in annually. 

The Safe Code of Conduct forms can be collected from the office, or print out from below.

Community Notices 19/03/2021

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