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Principal's Report - 29th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

A quick message about the first week back for all of our students.

The Foundation students have settled in extremely well even after a full day inside today due to a ‘wet day’ timetable.

Thank you to the many staff who came onsite during their holidays to set up their new classroom spaces in preparation for this week. It makes such a difference ensuring a smoother start to the school year.

A message to the Year 6 parents- we have tentatively organised the presentation of Year 6 Leadership badges for Monday the 8th of February at assembly commencing at 2:50p.m. for that week only. We are still awaiting the arrival of the badges so stay tuned for the confirmation of this date.

A special thank you to the following families who attended school last Saturday for a general tidy up of the school grounds; Hayes, Boer, Tu, Bellingham, Gray, Sampson, Saaksjarvi, Wimalatissa, Kirn/Hall, King, Griffin, Agars and Cope.

After all of this rain, the school grounds certainly look quite amazing. The only issue we have with constant rain is that the drain blocks near the library and has the potential to flood! However thanks to parent Christina Griffin, we install a pump which diverts the overflow to a storm water pipe. We are nothing but resourceful and problem solvers at Wattle Park Primary!

Here’s to a successful and complete year at school for 2021.


Warm Regards



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Remember your hat every day!

It’s that time of year, when all students are required to have on a hat for outside play.  Children will be required to play in the shade if no hat is worn, and being a Sun Smart School it's important to have sun protection from now until May.