Our Values

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School Expectations


We don’t allow bullying or discrimination.
We stay in our school grounds during school hours and only leave with a teacher’s permission.
We use the paths and keep off the garden areas.
We keep away from parked cars.
We stay outside buildings at recess and lunch times and only enter when we have a teacher’s permission.
We use the designated entry and exit doors.
Play safely on our playground equipment.
We make sure that sticks, stones and other hard objects are not thrown.
We keep out of trees (except the Twisty Tree and only to the height marked).
When eating food outside we make sure we’re sitting down.
If we’re late to school we must be signed in at the office by our parent/guardian. Our parent/guardian must sign the late book and fill out a late pass which needs to be taken to my classroom teacher.
We go to the toilet in pairs.
We play in a safe way at all times.
If we’re not collected after school by 3:45 we go to the school office.
We can enter our rooms at 8.50 when the music sounds.
We come to school after 8.45 a.m. (but before 9.00 a.m.) unless we’re in O.H.S.C.
We leave dangerous or expensive items at home.
We make sure we take all our rubbish home.
We make sure that swearing doesn’t occur at school.
We ask a teacher’s permission if we need to get a ball out of reach.
We leave chewing gum at home.

For more information, download our School Code of Conduct booklet.