Fishy and Keg - Lamb Tales!

Welcome to our little lambs! We are so lucky to have two new little friends who have arrived at our school - Fishy and Keg! They arrived during the holidays, and have a new home in the chicken pen area near the Year 3/4 building. Click on read more to see our video!

Fishy and Keg love to explore and have been making friends with the chickens!

Lambs can be noisy, inquisitive, and may eat flowers and plants! They love cuddles and exploring. Some of our families have been minding them on weekends.

They are still young, and have to be bottle fed formula four times a day and also enjoy fresh water.

At night they like to sleep in a warm place like their new shed at school.

We look forward to sharing more news about their adventures in coming weeks, so stay tuned!

And a big thank you to Mr Watt for looking after them at school, Penny for the video and for our families for minding Fishy and Keg on weekends!