Returning to school - Questions Answered

Drop off and pick up map is HERE.
Wattle Park Primary follows Department of Education and Training directives. You may access these HERE.

 Click below for a list of frequently asked questions...

Please also see our attached letter from Gayle to welcome all families back to school. If you have any further questions, please contact the school office.
AttachmentLetter to Parents - Returning to school

If you are unable to open the Frequently Asked Questions document above, please see our full list of questions here:


When are children returning to school?
In term 2, all children have now returned to school. For term 3, children will be returning on Tuesday 14th July. 

Where do I drop off my child?
  • For families - drop off 8.45am, Banksia St entrance
  • For Foundation / Year 1 / Year 2 students - drop off 8.55am, Banksia St
  • For Year 3 - drop off at 8.55am, Somers St entrance
  • For Year 4 - drop off at 8.45am, Somers St entrance
  • For Year 5 - drop off at 8.55am, Warrigal Road entrance
  • For Year 6 - drop off at 8.45am, Warrigal Road entrance
NOTE: See our map for drop off and pick up locations. HERE.

What will happen when I drop off my child?
A Leadership Staff Member will meet your child at the gate and direct them to their class teacher. 

Can I stay around after drop off?
No. According to the Dept. of Education advice, once you drop off your child/children, you must leave the area as soon as possible. Parents will not be permitted to come onto the school grounds.

Where do I collect my child/children?
Please attend the same collection point as the drop off. Your child will be released in the order of their class e.g. Foundation A, then Foundation B, Foundation C.

While you are waiting we strongly encourage you to continue social distancing as per Department guidelines.

What happens if my child is sick?
If your child is sick, they are not permitted to come to school.

Even if your child displays minor ailments including runny nose, coughs and colds they are not permitted to be at school as per Department requirements.

If your child is found to have a temperature at school or any of the above symptoms, they will be taken to the sick bay and you will be called to collect them.

Once you arrive, you need to call the school and proceed to the office.

DO NOT allow your child to come to school with any symptoms as they will not be permitted to come to school.

What if my child has a doctor’s appointment and they arrive late, or I need to collect them early? Can I come onto school grounds to collect them?
No. If your child is going to be late, you must ring the school office on 9808 2165 before bringing your child, to arrange arrival. Similarly, if you need to collect them early, you must ring the school office and arrange departure.

What happens in the classroom? Are children separated 1.5 metres apart?
No. The Department guidelines do not require children to be 1.5 metres apart in the classroom. We do require limited interaction between adults and have put in place measures to ensure this is the case at school for teachers.

Will children share equipment in class?
Children will be allocated a desk, and provided with their own, named, pencils to use. There will be no sharing of equipment.

What activities will my child be doing on Day 1?
We know it will take some time to adjust to the classroom setting. Teachers have fun activities planned, designed to allow children time to get reacquainted and comfortable again in the classroom setting.

We are mindful that some children might be feeling nervous and will work with each child to ensure they are comfortable.

What activities will my child be doing for the rest of the term?
Our aim is to bring a routine back to their lives as soon as possible. We will continue with the learning experiences, as well as fun, interactive activities.

Will there be enough sanitisers / soap etc.?
Yes. We received a large shipment for the entire school. Children will be required to wash hands many times throughout the day, before and after eating and toileting. They will be using sanitiser in the classroom.

Are children allowed to use the playground?
Yes. We are fortunate to have large grounds at Wattle Park Primary School and the children are largely spread apart during play.

Will children be separated from other year levels?
We are encouraging children to not integrate as much as possible. We will not have larger group activities that involve the whole year level or between year levels. There will be no activities such as assemblies or excursions.

What does my child need to take to school?
Children will need their own, labelled water bottle. Water taps will not be in use. They require their own food for fruit snack, recess and lunch (canteen will not be open). No sharing of food. Please ensure all clothing is marked so we can ensure it is returned. If your child needs medication for specific medical conditions, please make arrangements with the school to ensure this is supplied i.e. epi-pen.

Can children take their own toys to play with?
We strongly recommend children keep toys at home for the time being, for example stuffed toys. If toys are brought to school, teachers will reinforce that these are not to be shared and must be taken home by the owner at the end of the day.

Can I speak to my child’s teacher?
Yes, however you will need to email them to set up a time that suits both of you. Keep in mind your child’s teacher will now be teaching full-time and may be more limited in the times they have for discussion.

Will the Canteen be open?
No. The canteen will not be open for the foreseeable future. Please ensure your child has their fruit snack, food for recess and lunch each day.

Will the uniform shop be open?
No, our uniform shop at school will not be open. We are not able to have additional adults on site, and as such we are not able to re-open the uniform shop at this stage.

Please note - PWS Uniform Shop PSW Uniform Shop in Mt Waverley is now open.

Will my child receive a Semester 1 Report?
Yes. Please note it will be in a different format. These should have now been received by all students.

Any other questions?
If you had any other questions we have not covered, please feel free to contact the school and we would be happy to assist.